Welcome, my fellow wanderer!

My name is Camila Miranda. I am a Life Coach and guide for the restless souls, wanderers and truth seekers.  

You're not here by chance!

As a wild, curious and restless soul you bring many beautiful gifts to this world. Your vision, intuition, curiosity, empathy and your many other qualities make you a truly special human being. You have much to contribute to this world and your presence here is needed.

But you might face some blocks in living up to all your potential

You are curious about life and its mysteries. You feel you are on this planet for a reason but you're still not sure what your purpose is. Trusting your intuition does not come easy to you.

You have dreams and an idea of what you wish for your life. In theory you know what you 'should' do to achieve your gols, but you feel blocked and your actions are not consistently aligned with your values and desires.

Cylcles of fear, anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem and scarcity are well known to you and sometimes you feel like your mind is your worst enemy.

You've tried to fit into different places, jobs, relationships but sooner or later you feel the urge to change directions and that leaves you feeling as if you didn't belong anywhere.

I’ve been there (and sometimes I still am). I’ve felt like an outsider, I’ve had trouble listening to my intuition, discovering my true purpose and following my dreams. I did mindset work and many other personal development techniques focused on the mind but didn’t have consistent or lasting results. I realized that only doing mindset work would never give me the results I wanted. Instead I had to learn how to integrate all aspects of my being: mind-body-energy through a more holistic embodiment approach. What I am constantly learning through the embodiment process is:

My coaching process was born out of my desire to combine different modalities in a hollistic personal development process that honours the truth and wholeness of who you really are.

What is embodiment coaching?

My process of Embodiment Coaching combines life coaching techniques, energy work (Reiki, EFT and breathwork) and other modalities like journaling and meditation.  

It is a highly personalized approach that integrantes mind-body-energy in a way that is aligned with your essence and your inner wisdom. 

By learning how to listen to your intuition, to trust in your inner power and to act based on your values you open yourself up to living all your potential. 

The goal of the coaching process is that you are able to:

Our way of BEING in one area of our life is our way of BEING in ALL areas of our life.

Coaching with me is for you who is:

Ready to take charge of your life and co-create your future

I don't offer magical solutions or universal answers. Self-discovery is an exploration that requires commitment to yourself. You'll learn to transmute that which prevents you from achieving your goals: layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities.

Committed to your personal development

The coaching process begins with the decision to transform your life, from the inside out.

Ready to integrate mind-body-energy in an authentic, aligned way

We will work your whole being, in an integral way so you can achieve goals that are aligned with your values and desires.

Coaching Packages

Personal Journey

(3 months of Coaching)

1 discovery session (free of charge)
12 weekly sessions (50 min each)
1 bonus session (30 min) Unlimited support via WhatsApp

Personal Transformation

(6 months of Coaching)

1 discovery session (free of charge)
24 weekly sessions (50 min each)
1 bonus session (30 min) Unlimited support via WhatsApp

Book your free discovery session!

Our energetic connection is very important for the coaching process. The first step for us to work together is to schedule a Discovery session (free of charge and with no strings attached) so we can get to know each other better, answer any questions you might have and decide if coaching with me is the best option for you at this moment. 

To book your Discovery session, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with me via:

Email: camila@camilacmiranda.com

WhatsApp: +1 778 316 8794

Or fill the form below:

What my clients have to say...

It was a 3-month journey of learning and self-discovery, thanks to the incredible sessions I had the pleasure of doing! I felt a great emotional evolution. Camila taught me to always question my limitations and the importance of knowing who we truly are. It was an incredible experience! Thanks, Camila.
Julia L.
The process of coaching was about understanding the power I have over myself, my life and my choices. I understood I have the answers to my personal conflicts. To take control of my life, accept myself the way I am (physically and emotionally). Camila was the best person to guide me in this journey. She is very dedicated, inspiring and always available. She led me to answers I’d never thought I’d have and to start projects that were only dreams. I definitely recommend her coaching process.
Poliana O.
Coaching with Camila helped me get clarity in the way I see certain situations, as well as my own behaviour and of the people around me. During the process I began feeling more secure and to develop actions that were on the shelf, because I didn’t know how to act. The sessions were fundamental for my planning, developing and professional organization, as well as to take projects off the ground and make them happen.
Carol C.
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