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Saturday Morning Class – Passive Voice and Art

            Hello guys! Hoje fizemos uma atividade diferente, envolvendo a criatividade dos alunos, na aula de Inglês da manhã. O tema era: Passive Voice and Arts. Na aula anterior os alunos aprenderam a fazer frases afirmativas na Passive Voice e a falar sobre obras de arte (pinturas, fotografias, esculturas) e […]

Prepositions of Time

Hello guys ! Hoje vamos falar de preposições – palavrinhas muitas vezes (injustamente) odiadas por estudantes de Inglês ao redor do mundo. Apesar da má fama, as prepositions são extremamente importantes na língua inglesa. Pra que servem as prepositions em Inglês? A função das preposições é fazer a ligação entre sujeitos, pronomes e frases à […]

Children’s Day in Brazil

Hello! On October 12th we celebrate Children’s Day in Brazil. Children’s day is a day to honour children and is celebrated in many countries in different dates. Some grammar: Child is singular and children is plural. A child (or children) can refer to a person up to 12 years old or can be someone’s son […]

The Difference Between WHO and WHOM !

Hello! This week a student asked me the difference between who and whom. I’ve found this amazing explanation from Oatmeal. I love info graphics and pages with lots of pictures, they make me remember things better. Take a look, it’s pretty cool ! ————————– Esta semana um aluno me perguntou qual a diferença entre who e […]

Alternatives to “Can’t” and “Don’t know”

When we face a difficult lesson we tend to say “I don’t know this” or “I can’t do this”, but we can have a more optimistic view and use different sentences to express our difficulties. They make us try harder and not give up on the first obstacle. Try to use them in class! ________________ […]