The Author


My name is Camila, I’m 26 years old, I love cats, chocolates and my profession – I’m an English teacher in Sorocaba-SP.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences but I’ve always loved languages. In 2010 I went to Montréal (Canada) to study French but I ended up using a lot of English there – the language I’ve been studying since I was 12 years old. I fell in love with the country and when I came back to Brazil I got my first job as an English Teacher. I really enjoyed the experience and I decided to start my career as a teacher. I realized I didn’t have experience with teaching methodology and I decided to start a course called Cambridge CELTA. So, I went back to Canada – Vancouver this time – and it was the best and the most difficult thing I’ve done so far. I’ll talk more about the CELTA in the Posts.

Not happy with the CELTA, I’m doing the DELTA now !


The Blog

This blog was created to my students, ex-students, friends, colleagues and everybody who is interested in the English language.

The posts are separated in Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. For the Beginners I’ll write things in Portuguese too. From the Intermediate on it’ll be only English.

I encourage everybody to participate, comment, send suggestions, etc. Also, try to read the posts in English !




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