Hello, I'm Camila.
My mission is to help restless souls, wanderers and truth-seekers like you to:


Finding your truth doesn’t mean becoming someone different. It’s about letting go of everything you are not and accept who you truly are. It’s about knowing that your true self is hidden behind a self-image that has been created based on cultural expectations, external opinions and past experiences. It’s about returning to yourself.

We each have our own unique purpose and you can find clues about yours through what motivates you, what makes you keep going despite the obstacles, and gives your life meaning. 

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship of your life. To love and accept yourself is key to a happy life and a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. 

We acquire limiting beliefs throughout our lives. They are the results of other people’s expectations, conclusions we made based on past experiences, and cultural conditioning. Limiting beliefs prevent us from moving in the direction of our goals. Other times they can even prevent us from dreaming. Through self-reflection and other coaching techniques it is possible to identify and challenge beliefs that don’t serve us anymore.

We live in a world that puts too much emphasis on DOING. We are constantly defined by our work and by everything else we do. However, our actions are not always aligned with our core values – most of the time we live on auto-pilot. When we open ourselves to living according to our values and goals we open ourselves up to the possibility of a more fulfilling life. It’s all about letting our BEING inform our DOING.

We all have a great inner wisdom that communicates with us through our intuition. Learning how to listen to our intuition and knowing the difference between the voice of our soul and the voice of the ego brings us more confidence, helps us make better decisions and opens us up to a beautiful, vast inner world of potentiality.

How I do that:

Coaching 1:1

My coaching process is a highly personalized approach that integrantes mind-body-energy in a way that is aligned with your essence and your inner wisdom. By learning how to listen to your intuition, to trust in your inner power and to act based on your values you open yourself up to living all your potential.

How I got here

My path here wasn’t a straight line.

I know what it feels like to be lost, afraid and anxious. I know what it’s like to wish to live a life filled with purpose, but not knowing where to begin.

I spent years trying to fit into places that were too small for me. I spent most of my life running away from my intuition and trying to convince myself that my dreams were too impossible and that I didn’t have in me what was needed to create the life I wanted to live.

I’ve always had this curious, restless soul. My interesses were always diverse and for too long I tried to hide this, hoping to fit into jobs, places, groups. I spent so much time making decisions based on what I thought other people wanted to see and hear.

I finally grew tired of always living inside my head and in the future, always waiting for a certain person/job/body/salary/degree that would magically transform my life and grant me everlasting happiness and motivation.

What I’ve learned is that (just like everyone else) I am a unique Human being and that my life would never be complete until I stopped comparing myself to other people, trying to live their lives, and trying to be someone I’m not to fit into society’s narrow idea of ‘normal’. I had to accept that to live my dream life I’d have to create it. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

I realized that my curiosity, my interests in the secrets of life and the universe, my inability to belong to any pre-determined category were my biggest strengths.

‘Not being able to fit in’ finally became ‘freedom to create my own path’. 

My many interests reflect my professional training: I’m an Anthropologist, Master in Education and Certified Life Coach. I’m also an energy healing practitioner (Reiki and EFT), I have foundational training in Astrology and I work with crystals, tarot and Gene Keys.  

I am originally from Brazil but I’ve been living in beautiful Vancouver, Canada for the past five years with my husband and our cats. 

You can learn more about me and my work by following me on Instagram.

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