Hey guys ! We all know that Easter is the holiday in which people eat chocolate eggs.But do you know the origins of Easter? Actually, there are two origins – a religious one and a pagan one. Let’s start by its religious origin. For Christians, Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday and resurrected after three days (on a Sunday).  The Friday before Easter is called Good Friday and the day before Good Friday is called Maundy Thursday. Believers from all over the world celebrate Easter in different ways – by going to churches or processions, not eating meat (specially on Good Friday) and actors usually act the last days of Jesus Christ. Sunday – the day of Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated with a big family meal and the exchange of chocolate eggs. Easter isn’t always on the same day every year. It takes place after the first full moon of spring (or autumn, for the south hemisphere). Many symbols of Easter, like the rabbit and the exchange of eggs come from pagan (non Christian) traditions. Easter is also the celebration of the spring equinox, the beginning of new life and growth after the cold, winter days in the north hemisphere. The name Easter comes from the goddess of spring and dawn – Eostre – whose symbol is a rabbit. A traditional Easter cake – the hot cross buns – also has a pagan origin. hot-cross-buns-balham-bakery Here are some nice links to know more about Easter and practice your English: Easter – BBC – here you can listen to an interview about the religious origin of Easter. Easter – British Council – here you can read about Easter and do some exercises about it. Easter Eggs – British Council – watch a video about Easter Eggs and answer some questions. Pagan Roots of Easter – The Guardian – to know a bit more about the pagan origins of Easter. Easter Week in Pictures – The Guardian – see some pictures of how Easter week is celebrated around the world. Happy Easter folks ! =)


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