Saturday Morning Class – Passive Voice and Art







Hello guys!

Hoje fizemos uma atividade diferente, envolvendo a criatividade dos alunos, na aula de Inglês da manhã. O tema era: Passive Voice and Arts. Na aula anterior os alunos aprenderam a fazer frases afirmativas na Passive Voice e a falar sobre obras de arte (pinturas, fotografias, esculturas) e hoje eles aprenderam a fazer perguntas na Passive Voice e a falar sobre materiais utilizados para fazer obras de arte.

A atividade foi a seguinte: cada grupo tinha que criar uma obra de arte e pensar num nome e nas informações da obra (nome, artista, período, história). O resultado foi bem legal, todos os grupos foram criativos e no final fizemos uma exposição na sala de aula. As obras são as seguintes:




“Sunset” – by Juliana, Helen and Roberta

The students said they were fascinated by this painting. It is relaxing and makes them want to travel.



“English gives you wings” – by Douglas and Miderson

The students were inspired by this picture. It made them want to study English (even more) and travel to different countries.



“Rio Postcard” – by the French artist José da Silva (Karoline, André and Julio)

The class was depressed by this drawing because it depicts an ugly reality of our country – the violence and slums. It also reminded them that Brazil is much more than just this. We also have wonderful things.



“Torch of Sri Lanka” – by Bruna, Larissa and Henrique

The students were fascinated by this last century sculpture. They had never seen such an important piece of art before. According to the artists, The Torch is made of flame-proof material and it was used in the Olympics.



As perguntas sobre as obras de arte foram as seguintes:

– Who made it?

– Where was it made?

– What is it made of?

– How was it made?

– When was it made?


Espero que tenham gostado !

See you!




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