Monthly Archives: October 2013

Halloween Stories

Hello guys! One of my favourite celebrations has finally arrived ! Even though we don’t officially celebrate Halloween here in Brazil it’s cool to see the preparation for the parties all over the world throught the internet. I selected five cool (and creepy) stories so you can practice your listening, reading and vocabulary in English […]

Sleep Well – Infographic

Good morning guys, did you have a good night sleep? Sleep is an import an part of a healthy life. Some people don’t realize the importance of sleeping well, but a night well slept can have many benefits to our health. And the opposite is also true – if you don’t get enough sleep you […]

Libraries, reading and daydreaming.

The inspiration for this post came from a lecture where Neil Gaiman talked about the importance of libraries, reading and daydreaming. He starts his lecture by telling people that he is biased towards the theme. To be biased, in this case, means that he is not impartial about the subject of reading because he is […]

The Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror with Answers

Hey guys ! Did you find all the references in the Simpson’s video? Some of them were easy and some only the movie lovers could find! Watch the movie again, now with answers! Happy Halloween!    

Children’s Day in Brazil

Hello! On October 12th we celebrate Children’s Day in Brazil. Children’s day is a day to honour children and is celebrated in many countries in different dates. Some grammar: Child is singular and children is plural. A child (or children) can refer to a person up to 12 years old or can be someone’s son […]

Varieties of English

Hi guys! O Inglês é a segunda língua mais falado no mundo, ficando atrás apenas do Mandarim. Com tantas pessoas falando o idioma em tantos lugares diferentes do mundo é comum que existam diferenças entre sotaques, vocabulário e expressões. No post de hoje vamos falar sobre as diferenças nos os países em que o Inglês […]

Como Memorizar Vocabulário

Hello guys ! Memorizar novas palavras pode ser um desafio quando aprendemos uma nova língua.  Algumas palavras são mais fáceis de lembrar pois usamos sempre, mas existem aquelas mais distantes do nosso vocabulário do dia a dia, que vemos num livro ou ouvimos em uma música ou filme. E então, como lembrar delas depois? Quanto […]