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“Brazilian Portuguese is the Best Language”

Falamos tanto do Inglês e acabamos esquecendo que o Português também é uma língua muito bonita e importante! Bem legal esse artigo da Hellen Joyce, que escreve para o The Economist. Acho que serve de exemplo para percebemos que os estrangeiros tem muita coisa boa pra falar do nosso país e do nosso idioma!   […]


What would you do if your week had 8 days? Something to think about!   Director: Gustav Johansson


A very cute representation of the beautiful, famous song “Imagine”, by John Lennon.   A great Sunday to all! =)

The Broken Mirror, The Black Cat and Lots of Good Luck

Hello again! Essa é uma história bem legal sobre superstições para todos os níveis do Inglês. Ótima para treinar listening, reading e vocabulary! Audio – The Broken Mirror, The Black Cat and Lots of Good Luck   The broken mirror, the black cat, and lots of good luck by Chris Rose Nikos was an ordinary […]

A Black Cat Story

Neil Gaiman – a writer that I love – wrote a short story called “The Price” in his book “Smoke and Mirrors”. The story is amazing and some people decided to make a video out of it. It’s particularly nice for a Friday 13th because it has suspense, black cats… This is the movie of […]

Friday the 13th

It’s Friday 13th – the unluckiest day! But why do people always think something bad’s going to happen when it comes around? No one’s sure what the exact origin of the superstition is. The number 13 and Friday both have a long history of bringing bad luck, and it’s the combination of the two that […]

Differences between British and American Spelling

Differences between American and British spelling. From: Grammar Net